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Ourflame is a true follower of the principles of Marketing with genuinity and meticulousness. Products at Ourflame are identified – selected- channelized with almost research and care for hassle free business. The products marketed through Ourflame are strictly not available on any retail counter. The products selected by Ourflame carry such a genuineness and potential that the product speaks of its quality itself and no hard Selling is required. At we discourage overselling by wrongful or superlative claims. At Ourflame the distributors gets the feeling of handling once very own business, Giving you the feeling of entrepreneurship and not of an employee.


Quality Products
Necessity of your day to day life
Products at your door step without any charges

Ourflame products is established in the year 2012 & within two years of inception it has become a established name in the filed of home & industrial cleaning. The start with a humble 1000 sq ft unit is now a full fledged manufacturing plant of 10,000 sq ft & growing at a rapid pace. To establish ourselves in the competitive local market, it was necessary to introduce such products which would speak for its own quality.